Katrina White

Model. Photographer. Sparkly Naked Person.

juniperbean asked: Hello wonderful person. :)

hehe thank you :) Hello!

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amgadkatilou asked: so my second question ... what about some shoots in new york ? china town and brooklyn .. the point is meeting you :)

I’ve done shoots in Brooklyn and Manhattan before. I had a lot of fun there! I don’t travel just to meet people right now, but I do travel to work with photographers when my travel costs are paid for :) 

Anonymous asked: What camera do you use when you do your shoots? And if it's not to complicated to ask, what settings do you use on your camera to get the best quality photo

Hi there :) As a model, I work with tons of different photographers who all use different cameras. The settings will depend on your lighting, your camera, your lens, etc. I don’t know any setting that works well in all situations so play around with it, read your camera manual, and find out what works for you. As a photographer, I usually shoot with a Nikon D300 and a 50mm lens. 

amgadkatilou asked: did you mind if i send you invitation to visit egypt and have some new shots in here ? and i think it's will be good chance to know you more and more

Thank you so much. Right now I am unable to travel internationally but perhaps in 2015 or 2016 I might be able to make a trip out if you were looking to cover my travel costs. I’d have to look into getting a work visa to do modeling work in another country because I’m not 100% sure how that works yet. 

chunkydavid9 asked: WOW

I’ll take that as a compliment so thanks :) 

onecrazycracker76 asked: Marry me.....

Aww, thanks! :) I really appreciate the offer but I don’t generally accept online marriage proposals. Next time try bringing flowers, candy, and a long term relationship with me first.